Customised Magnetic Whiteboards

Have you been searching for a customized whiteboard that can fit the following descriptions?

  • Flat and light weight for safety purposes
  • Customised size for tight places
  • Graphics or wordings that can be printed on a whiteboard
  • Can be changed out anytime required
  • Refurbishment of an existing tarnished whiteboard
We have the solution for you where installation is without the need of the usage of screws and drilling, and is suitable even on glass surfaces.

Our Solution in Two simple steps :

  1. Install  Magnetic Adhesive Sheet onto your surface  painted water base wall, metal, glass.
  2. Roll on  the Magnetic Gloss Whiteboard sheet onto the Magnetic Adhesive Sheet.
For Glass – you can opt for the temporary Nano Cling Adhesive option where you can place the whiteboard on a glass surface, with the capability of removing the whiteboard any time without damaging the glass surface.
For Refurbishment – Self adhesive whiteboard that can directly be placed on a tarnished whiteboard, total cost savings solution.

Advantages :

  1. Endless customisation , any dimension and creativity. Added layers or fixtures can also be outfitted onto the Whiteboard.
  2. Cost effective , as you are able to change out the used Whiteboard when used. Just order and roll on yourself.
  3. Safety , as the whiteboard is flatly placed onto the surface and therefore without extrusion material, accidents will not occur.

Let us know how we can assist you to start transforming your surface with our Magnetic Graphic System.

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