Magnetic Wallpaper

Tired or boring of having the same wallpaper/wall mural designs at home or simply having difficulty in changing marketing materials on your commercial wall space?

Our Solution in Four simple steps :

  1. Install  Magnetic Adhesive Sheet onto your surface – a painted water base wall, metal, laminate or glass surface.
  2. Choose your own graphic , photographs or any applicable marketing materials and print them on our patented magnetic receptive metal/magnet coated print media.
  3. Roll on  the printed Metal/magnet Coated media onto the Magnetic Adhesive Sheet.
  4. For replacement  – Roll up and Roll on the new printed materials anytime. Keep the old prints for future use where required.

Advantages :

  1. Endless personalization , as the designs can be moved freely without any special adhesives or glue. Added layers or fixtures can also be outfitted onto the Magnet Adhesive Sheet without drilling.
  2. Cost effective , as you are able to D.I.Y for future prints. Just order and roll-on yourself.
  3. Time savings , Marketing Campaigns can be launched within a day as all prints can be delivered to the store prior to start of campaign and chance out can be done by in-store personnel.
  4. Eco-friendly , as you can keep the old prints, and re-use them whenever you are tired of the current prints; thus creating a new look every week, month or quarter.

Let us know how we can assist you to start transforming your surface using our Magnetic Graphic System.

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